• More than 38.3 million people speak Spanish in the U.S.

    Many of them are professionals, business owners, members of the military, teachers and artists.

  • More than 350 million people speak Spanish in the world

    In the US, Centroamerica, Southamerica, the Caribean, Spain and Africa.

  • Do you want to learn Spanish?

    Join us and learn the way Hispanics learn their own language.

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    Winter - Spring

    March 16th

  • And we just what we do!

    A Spanish language program for
    Minneapolis - Saint Paul – West Saint Paul - Mendota Hights - Apple Valley

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Who we are

We are a Spanish language program based in
West Saint Paul, MN.

Welcome to Rojas Spanish Language, a unique and effective language instruction program developed by us, Luis and Joan Rojas. We hope you enjoy our web site, and that you find just the right service to fit your needs. We offer not only a variety of in-person learning experiences, but also Podcast, videos, travel opportunities and more, all designed to help further your ability to communicate in the Spanish language.

  • The first step on the path to world peace is as simple as talking to our friends and neighbors in their language...
  • Aprender un nuevo idioma es como empezar una nueva vida
    Michel Bouthot
  • Aprender un idioma es tener una ventana más desde la que se observa el mundo
    Proverbio chino

    At Rojas Spanish Language, we have invested considerable thought in creating the best possible learning environment and process. We know that it takes a lot of determination and hard work to learn a language well.

    We also know that the best formula for success does not include a sterile classroom with glaring overhead lights and tidy rows of chairs.


    Our Process

    Little by little making strong and firm progress like a child.
    01 - Communicate
    From the start, as a Beginner or A1 level, you first learn how to communicate using expressions and vocabulary that are important and relevant to you.
    02 - Imitate
    When we are kids and we learn our language there are no phonetic classes to take. We all learn by imitating the sounds of our parent's language and those sounds have relevant meaning to us. Little by little our self-confidence grow.
    03 - Vocabulary
    We learn the words that are important to us. Vocabulary has to be relevant for us to survive, to live, to learn, to feel and to love. This is what we are looking for every time we practice. To learn the words that are needed for different situation in our lives.
    04 - Perspective
    In our classes we won’t simply learn words and structures to articulate cold and boring communication. It is important to learn the perspective from which Hispanics see and interact with the world.
    05 - Structure
    Once we are able to communicate in a basic way we will be ready to start learning, step by step, the structure of the language. Grammar should not be the focus of the learning process, but rather communication needs to be the focus. With that being said, grammar does have a place in the process of learning Spanish.

    Our Skills

    To make the complex just simple.

    Repetition, imitation and incorporation lead to the most natural development of language skills – not to mention humor! .
    You will find these elements in each of our instruction methods, whether you join us in person for a class, or enjoy a Podcast or Video presentation.

    • Experience

    • Love for teaching

    • Use of technology


    Our classes

    This is what we can do for you.
    Next Session: February 16th

    Group Classes

    Information soon


    Tutoring: One-on-One

    Information soon