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The natural way to learn a beautiful language

Learn Spanish the way Hispanics teach their kids.

Rojas Spanish allows you to take Spanish classes from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere with our LIVE online classes. Tutors video conference with you via Zoom and offer an interactive face-to-face Spanish lesson in an intimate and comfortable setting.

We don’t teach you how to memorize vocabulary; rather, we help you to internalize concepts, structures and vocabulary.  It is not about putting Spanish words into English thoughts; but rather, learning how to see the world from the perspective of a Spanish speaker.
   –  Luis Rojas 

Our approach is focused on natural language learning

Online Spanish Classes

Group Classes

Tutors are all native Spanish speakers, from all over the world. Class sizes are small, limited to 6 students. Includes access to all Rojas Spanish workshops.

Individual Tutoring

Rojas Spanish tutoring is an intensive program custom designed to accommodate your schedule, language goals and learning style. We offer several packages to choose from.


Our workshops are focused on the areas of the Spanish language that students find most challenging. Workshops are free to group class and tutoring students.

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We create a familiar and comfortable environment in our classes – where we learn like a family.