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learn spanish the natural way with Luis Rojas

The Rojas Way©

Luis has been teaching Spanish for more than 30 years, a journey that began in his native Peru and continued in St. Paul, Minnesota upon emigrating to the US to marry.  

His unique teaching method is informed by his own language learning experience; first English, then French, as well as by his observation about how parents teach their children to speak. Language is planted by the caregiver, and it is tended and nurtured organically. That is, the words that pass between a parent and a child are relevant in that moment. Each are making needs known and getting needs met; back and forth, again and again, and in this mindful, intentional give and take, learning is happening. In short, making it real is The Rojas Way©


We don’t teach you how to memorize vocabulary; rather, we help you to internalize concepts, structures and vocabulary.  It is not about putting Spanish words into English thoughts; but rather, learning how to see the world from the perspective of a Spanish speaker.
   –  Luis Rojas 

Group Classes

In-person or virtual Spanish classes are taught by native speakers while in their home country. Class size is limited to 6 students so that every participant has the opportunity to engage fully. Classes are conducted via Zoom.

Individual Tutoring

Tutoring is an intensive program custom designed to accommodate your schedule, language goals and learning style.

Summer Class for High School

Beginning July 12, 2023, we are offering Spanish conversation practice for high school age students. The emphasis is in speaking, not grammar. "If you can say it - you can write it".


Spanish Class for Kids

This is a customized module for children who already speak Spanish and have parents who don't want them to lose their valuable communication skills.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

We create a familiar and comfortable environment in our classes – where we learn like a family.