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The Rojas Way©

Luis has over 30 years of experience teaching Spanish, a journey that began in his native Peru and continued in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he moved upon immigrating to the US to get married.

His teaching method is unique, drawing from his own language-learning experiences with English and French, as well as observations of how parents teach their children to speak. He believes that language is planted by the caregiver (or in our case, your tutor) and nurtured organically. In this process, the words exchanged between parent and child (tutor and student) are relevant to the moment, as both express and meet needs in a mindful, intentional exchange that fosters learning. This approach, known as The Rojas Way©, focuses on making language learning natural, real and practical. 

We don’t teach you how to memorize vocabulary; rather, we help you to internalize concepts, structures and vocabulary.  It is not about putting Spanish words into English thoughts; but rather, learning how to see the world from the perspective of a Spanish speaker.
   –  Luis Rojas 

In-person or Online

We provide the flexibility of attending classes either in-person or online. Our classes are available in Minneapolis and St. Paul, allowing you to choose the option that best fits your needs and preferences.

Individual Tutoring

Our individual tutoring classes are tailored to your schedule, language objectives, and preferred learning style, offering a personalized program designed specifically for you.


Spanish for Kids

Ours kids program is designed specifically for children who are already fluent in Spanish, ensuring they maintain and strengthen their valuable language skills.

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We create a familiar and comfortable environment in our classes – where we learn like a family.