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COVID-19 Update

Rojas Spanish is taking every precaution to keep our students and staff safe and healthy. At this time, we are holding all classes virtually, via Zoom. This decision was made in an effort to comply with current CDC guidelines. We are monitoring these guidelines daily and will notify all students as soon as classes can be safely held in person.

We are welcoming new students! If you are interested in learning Spanish, we encourage you to register. Once your registration is complete, we will contact you to set-up virtual classes.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please let us know! We can be reached at 651-434-0555 or Spanish@RojasSpanish.com

¡Gracias a todos!
– Luis Rojas


Group Classes

Small group classes (no more than 7 students) allow you the opportunity to interact with the Spanish language in a comfortable setting. All classes are taught by native Spanish speakers – so you can experience the language and  learn about Hispanic culture. Now offering unlimited virtual classes in each session.



In one-on-one tutoring sessions, we work together to create a learning program unique to your goals. You will work with a native Spanish speaker and custom-design a program that suits your needs and learning style.

Like Family,

The Rojas Family

Luis Rojas

La mejor manera de aprender un idioma es en la familia. No sólo por las personas que representan sino por el contexto y el conjunto de emociones y experiencias a la que estamos expuestos. Este ambiente, esta atmósfera, nos ayuda a reforzar confianza, perspectiva, cultura y amistades. La práctica se hace efectiva en este contexto. Este ambiente familiar lo trasladamos a nuestras clases donde aprendemos como en familia.

The best way to learn a language is with the family. Not only do we learn through family members, but also by context, emotions and  the experiences to which we are exposed. This environment, this atmosphere, helps us build confidence, perspective, culture and friendship. Learning becomes so much more effective and easy in this setting. We create this familiar, comfortable, environment  in our classes – where we learn like a family.

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