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Rojas Spanish Language is a unique and effective language instruction program developed by us, Luis and Joan Rojas. We hope you enjoy our web site, and that you find just the right service to fit your needs. We offer not only a variety of in-person learning experiences, but also Podcast, videos, travel opportunities and more, all designed to help further your ability to communicate in the Spanish language.

Luis Rojas

Luis is a Clinical Psychologist having received his education through Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal in Lima Perú. But as is typical of a Latin American he has worked and trained in multiple capacities to include; Psychology, Air Traffic Controler, Pilot, Spanish Professor.

While still at the university he began to teach Spanish to American Expat Missionaries as a personal favor. He found that he enjoyed this work so much as a result of his ability to get folks to speak quickly and well, that he decided to enter this line of work full time. His passion for teaching Spanish won out over the others however and now, as a sole business owner, he competed against well known local Spanish Language Institutions and others more globally known, and won contracts to teach Executive Expats of several Mining companies from the US, Canada and Europe.

To date, he has more than 30 years of experience teaching Spanish, though the academic and clinical experience he gained in his training as a psychologist is used as well, in every class.

‘The Rojas Way’ has become a respected and recognized method of teaching Spanish that brings a person through the language in much the same way they learned their own native tongue. An understanding of grammar by it’s ‘music’ or sound is the backbone of the Rojas Way. Keeping the language in context is just as important. Language is visceral not academic and Luis works for you to ‘ feel it, assimilate it and to use it to express yourself ‘.

Joan Rojas

Joan is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in the State of Minnesota. She has been practicing in the field for more than 35 years. She attempted to learn Spanish in an immersion school in Mexico and from a native Spanish speaking instructor teaching here in the US. Both experiences were a bust – she came away from these experiences frustrated and not speaking.

She began studying with Luis and knew within her first class she would finally have success. In less than one year she was using her Spanish at work. She has met the CEU requirements to keep her psychology license current since then by studying and doing practicum work in Spain and Argentina and for the last 2 years has worked exclusively with clients who are monolingual Spanish speakers through La Familia Guidance Center in St. Paul.

She offers the all important ‘student perspective’ so that the balance between what is taught and what is learned is always optimized. Recognizing that language learning demands a reserve of emotional and psychological flexibility for success, she also writes a Blog with a focus on the ‘process’ of learning Spanish intended to acknowledge and defeat these insidious saboteurs.

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