Unlimited Access to ALL Classes

Access to more than 25 hours of practice each week! When you register, you will sign up for one class and gain access to ALL classes, all levels, every week! Each class is 60-90 minutes in length and will maintain a small group size for more individualized attention. Two new sessions are open now. Sign-up today!

Live Virtual Classes

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Rojas Spanish is now offering all classes virtually via live Zoom video conferencing. Zoom is a wonderful tool, and very easy to use. We send you an access code for your class – click the link – and you’re in. It’s that simple! You can access class on your desktop, laptop or smart phone. Zoom users can record classes, chat live in each class and share screens for more collaboration.

New Workshops

We are so excited about these new workshops! We identified concepts students were struggling with, and created new workshops focused on these specific areas. Once you have registered for a session, you will have access to our 3 NEW workshops! Verb Conjugation & Prepositions, Listening Comprehension, and Phonetics & Dictation.

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