Argentina, 2019

November 5-15

“Hanging like a local”

Buenos Aires – Fiesta Gaucha – Tango – Mendoza Wine Tasting – Hiking in the Andes

November 5th – 15th

Arriving Tuesday 6th in the morning – Departing any time Friday 15th

Per Person
  • HOTEL BASED ON DOUBLE OCCUPANCY – we will do our best to pair travelers with another traveler of the same gender. If you prefer to room privately there will be a limited number of opportunities for this. Please add US $ 500.00 to the total of the tour cost and let us know upon registration that this is your desire.


    1. Registration: $ 300 (non-refundable after October 1st, 2019)
    2. Final Payment after Registration: $ 2800 by October 20th, 2019
    3. Full One Payment: $ 3100 by October 20th, 2019


Payments by check, send to

Luis Rojas

479 Darla Ct.
West Saint Paul, MN 55118

Payments by Credit Card (5% is added)

Registration $ 300 + 5% (non-refundable after October 1st, 2019)


Final Payment after Registration: $ 2800 + 5% by October 20th, 2019

Final Payment after Registration

Full One-Time Payment: $ 3100 + 5% by October 20th, 2019

Full One-Time Payment



9 Days

November 5-15


Tango – Mendoza Wine Tasting

Hiking in the Andes…and more

Day 1 – Buenos Aires

The majority of us will arrive in Buenos Aires from late morning on this day. There will be transport from the hotel awaiting you at the airport. By this time you will be begging for a nap and we don’t want crabby travelers, so we will oblige you, however only long enough to gather the energy for our first night out on the town. We’ll be sure you have a map of the neighborhood and suggested places to explore should you awaken from your siesta with time and energy on your hands. Just make sure you’re ready to Tango come evening.  We’ve got a class lined up for you at Confiteria Ideal. (refreshments and appetizers)

Day 2 – Buenos Aires (breakfast)

Today, we’ll have our City Tour that will allow us to have the big picture of the city and, at the same time, give us ideas of what you would like to visit during the rest of the week. Here is where you enjoy this time. We program the activities but also there will be time for you to go on your own.

Day 3 – Buenos Aires (breakfast)

We begin the day in Cementerio Recoleta – which sounds rather morose – but it’s a cemetery like you’ve never seen before and worth the visit! (luis get guide)  Lunch on your own in the lovely district of Recoleta – there are many great places to choose from. If you’d like to do a little upscale shopping – that can happen.  Then back to the Hotel to rest and about the time you’d be typically going to bed at home – we’re off to La Peña del Colorado where we will hear the Folkloric music of Argentina. If we stay late enough, you’ll be singing too.

Best Thing

Enjoy Friendship

Day 4 – Buenos Aires (breakfast, food, food and more food)

Yes, Argentina is Buenos Aires. But Argentina is much much more. For example, where do you think all that great beef comes from? Well, today we will visit an Estancia to get familiar with a working ranch. We’ll learn about the life of a rancher, we will be treated to demonstrations of their corralling and roping abilities; we will definitely eat like a cowboy and enjoy some of the typical entertainment found here. This is a long day outside the city, but Buenos Aires being who she is…..is just waking up when we return……so once again…..your call; to the hotel or to ‘la vida nocturna’.

Reserve in Advance

Day 5 – Mendoza (breakfast)

Today, we have a plane to catch. Once we arrive in Mendoza we’ll have our city tour…now, don’t worry, there will be time for lunch.

Free day – explore on your own.

Enjoy the friendship of the Hispanic culture like a local around the table with great food, wine and music.

Get to Know Local People

Day 6 – Mendoza (breakfast, lunch)

This day will be something. We are picked up by the Familia Zuccardi Vineyard who will treat us to a spectacular day. We begin with breakfast at the vineyard and will then participate in a private cooking class with the Chef of the impressive vineyard restaurant himself! Then, we move on to the tasting room where we will have our very own “degustation” with 6 of the premium Zuccardi offerings and get a class on how the experts taste and evaluate a wine. To spit or not to spit….that will be the question! By this time, we are hungry again and so we will enjoy a really extraordinary lunch where each course is paired with……can you guess? Yes, you guessed it, more wine! We know you are thinking nap now, but wine is serious business so it is our responsibility to learn how all that goodness got into those bottles. It’s private tour of the vineyard and the bodega time! Our bilingual guide is at our service to answer all of your burning questions, that is, if you can formulate and articulate them. Finally, we will take our coffee while enjoying a private performance by live musicians and folkloric dancers. With smiles on our satisfied and newly educated faces, we head back to our hotel to chill. We don’t need to talk about the evening do we?

Day 7 – Mendoza (breakfast, lunch)

It was a rough day yesterday so we have a range of things from which you can choose. Would you like to take a bus tour to the top of the Andes where Argentina meets Chile? It´s gorgeous and frankly terrifying which I guess when you are talking climbing to almost 23,000 ft comes with the territory. But the vistas can´t be beat, the history is absolutely fascinating and this tour includes a lunch of indigenous fare that you´ll not likely find anywhere else. DELICIOUS.
No? Well, then, how about a day on foothill trails; you and Trigger! You´ll work up an appetite that will be more than satisfied with this Horseback ride and Asado.
Perhaps you´d like to be more about the food and that´s what you´ll experience at Almacén de Sur. You will tour the gardens from where the food comes for your several course gourmet lunch as well for all the wonderful delicatessen products they sell. You may even be asked to taste test some things that haven’t even hit the market yet. If you’re a foodie…well, this might be the one for you.

Enjoy the Culture

Day 8 – Buenos Aires (breakfast, dinner)

The morning in Mendoza is yours. We head to the airport again early afternoon to head back to Buenos Aires. You’ll have time to rest or take in a site or two before our big finale: an amazing Dinner Tango Show.

Make Memories

Day 9

Our unforgettable tour is drawing to a close. Savor your last hours as you wish. Usually flights leave Argentina for the states at about 11 PM which means we will be transported to the airport between 7 and 8 PM. Your hotel room is available to you until you leave so take the day at your leisure.

Go Traveling

Happy Travelling

Write to me, Luis Rojas at luis@rojasspanish.com for more information and to register.

Aquí estamos,


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