Argentina 2024

February 6 – 17, 2024

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Day 1: Tuesday, February 6

Where: Buenos Aires
Meals included: Dinner – The adventure starts

The majority of us will arrive in Buenos Aires late morning. There will be transportation from the hotel waiting for you at the airport. By this time, you will be begging for a nap, and we don’t want crabby travelers, so we will oblige you! However, only long enough for you to gather the energy needed for our first night out on the town. We will provide you a map of the neighborhood and wonderful places to explore, should you awake from your siesta with time and energy on your hands.

Esta va a ser una cena de bienvenida. Hablaremos del viaje y celebraremos nuestro viaje describiendo el viaje


Day 2: Wednesday, February 7

Where: Buenos Aires – City Tour
Meals included: Breakfast

After breakfast, we will take a tour of the great city of Buenos Aires. The tour will allow us to really see all this fascinating city has to offer. Additionally, it will inspire ideas for what you would like to do, and where you would like to visit, during the week. We schedule a lot of activities but also want you to have time to go out on your own, or with some of your fellow travelers.


Day 3: Thursday, February 8

Where: Buenos Aires
Meals included: Breakfast, evening refreshments and appetizers

Following breakfast, we begin the day at a local cemetery. The Cementerio Recoleta – which sounds rather gloomy – but it’s a cemetery like you’ve never seen before! Afterwards, we will visit the lovely district of Recoleta and everyone will have time to get some lunch. There are so many amazing places to choose from here!

You will have free time for you to explore the city, visit museums, go shopping – whatever your heart desires! 


Day 4: Friday, February 9

Where: Buenos Aires – Fiesta Gaucha
Meals included: Breakfast – Followed by, food, food and more food

Yes, Argentina is Buenos Aires. But Argentina is so much more. Haven’t you wondered – where does all that great beef come from? We will take a drive outside of Buenos Aires and visit an Estancia to get familiar with a working ranch. We’ll learn about the life of a rancher, a hard life, but good life. The ranchers will be treating us to demonstrations of dancing, corralling and roping. Naturally, we will eat like a cowboy! There will be food and wine to your heart’s content. This is a long day outside of the city, but Buenos Aires, being who she is… well, she will just be waking up when we return……so once again… your call; to the hotel or to ‘la vida nocturna’. 


Day 5: Saturday, February 10

Where: Buenos Aires
Meals included: Breakfast – Followed by, food, food and more food

Nada cómo el sábado en Buenos Aires. En un ambiente familiar y en grupos pequeños tendremos varias opciones para escoger. El tema es “Arte & Cultura”. Actividades para escoger:

  • Tour en la arquitectura y Palacios en Buenos Aires
  • Clase de cocina
  • Tour al Teatro Colon
  • Clase de Baile
  • Private Artisan and Market Tour

Experimentar la vida de sábado en familia, y pasarla super bien con la vida nocturna como argentinos.


Day 6: Sunday, February 11

Where: Mendoza
Meals included: Breakfast

We have a plane to catch! Once we arrive in Mendoza the rest of the day is yours to explore.


Day 7: Monday, February 12

Where: Mendoza
Meals included: Breakfast

Mendoza is a city in Argentina’s Cuyo region and the heart of Argentina’s wine country – Malbecs are the specialty here. Mendoza is known for their tree-lined streets, picturesque landscape and world class restaurants. There is so much history and culture here, and no one to tell us more about it than a local! We will be taking a guided tour in the morning, via bus and foot, so you can see all that Mendoza has to offer. Following the tour, the day is your oyster!


Day 8: Tuesday, February 13

Where: Mendoza – Viñedos
Meals included: Breakfast and Lunch

Are you ready? This day is going to be something special. La Familia Zuccardi Vineyard will pick us up and treat us to a spectacular day. We begin with breakfast at the vineyard followed by a private cooking class with the head chef of the vineyard! Then, we move to the tasting room  where we will have our own “degustation” with six premium Zuccardi offerings and a class on how the experts taste and evaluate wine. To spit or not to spit? That will be the question!

By this time, we are hungry again. We will now enjoy an extraordinary lunch and each course is paired with… can you guess? Yes, more wine! We know you want a nap now, but wine is serious business, and it is our responsibility to learn how all that goodness got into those bottles. Which is why, we will be taking a private tour of the vineyard followed by bodega time! Finally, coffee, desert and friendship. With smiles on our satisfied and newly educated faces, we head back to our hotel and relax. We don’t need to talk about the evening, do we? 


Day 9: Wednesday, February 14

Where: Mendoza – Alta Montaña
Meals included: Breakfast and Lunch

It was a very busy day yesterday, so we have several things for you to choose from. Would you like to take a bus tour to the top of the Andes where Argentina meets Chile? It’s gorgeous, and frankly terrifying, as you are talking about climbing to 23,000 feet! But the vistas can’t be beat, the history is absolutely fascinating and this tour includes a lunch of indigenous fare that you´ll not likely find anywhere else. So. DELICIOUS.

Not interested? Well, how about a day on foothill trails; you and Trigger (Trigger is a horse, of course). You´ll surely work up an appetite which will be satisfied with this horseback ride and Carne Asada.

Maybe you’re more interested in the food? Almacén de Sur is what you will want. Tour the gardens where the food comes from and enjoy a gourmet lunch. You will also get familiar with all the wonderful delicatessen products they sell. You may even be asked to taste some things which haven’t hit the market yet! If you’re a foodie…well, this might be the one for you.


Day 10: Thursday, February 15

Where: Buenos Aires
Meals included: Breakfast and Lunch

The morning in Mendoza is yours. In the afternoon, we will head to the airport and fly back to Buenos Aires.


Day 11: Friday, February 16

Where: Buenos Aires – Tango Show
Meals included: Breakfast and Dinner

Enjoy a leisurely morning. Grab a coffee, stroll through the beautiful streets and wander through that art museum you wanted to visit, or the shop that caught your eye. Soak in these last few moments in whatever way suits you best.

When you get back, it will be time for the grand finale! Did you know, Argentine tango music and dance originated in the 19th century in the suburbs of Buenos Aires? We can’t have you visiting Buenos Aires and not experiencing such a crucial part of the culture. Get ready, we’re ending the night with a live Tango show unlike any you have seen before.


Day 12: Saturday, February 17

Where: Buenos Aires

Meals included: Breakfast

Our unforgettable trip is drawing to a close. Savor these last hours however you wish. Typically, flights leave Argentina headed to the states at around 11 p.m. Which means we will be transported to the airport between 7 and 8 p.m. Your hotel room is available until you check-out, so take the day at your leisure.

Trip Summary: February 6 – February 17, 2024 
  • Tuesday, February 6 – Sunday, February 11 | Buenos Aires 
  • Sunday, Sunday, February 11 – Thursday, February 15 | Mendoza
  • Thursday, February 15– Saturday, February 17 | Buenos Aires
Total Fee: $3,700

Travel fee includes all hotel stays, entrance to all scheduled events, flight to and from Mendoza and a variety of meals and drinks. Some activities may change or replace depending on changes in Argentina. This price does not include your flight to and from Argentina. 

A deposit of $500, per person, is required at the time of registration.
    • The fee of $3,700 is based on accommodations in a double room – you and another traveler. If you would prefer a private room, the total will be $3,900.
    • Remaining balance is due on/before Friday, November 17, 2023. 
    • You can pay via check or credit card.
      • 3% processing fee for credit cards
      • Please make checks out to Luis Rojas / memo: Argentina 2024 Trip
Mail checks to:

Luis Rojas
479 Darla Ct
West Saint Paul, MN 55118

Refund Policy:
  • 7 days from registration – 100% of total purchase will be refunded
  • Prior to Friday, November 17, 2023 – 50% of deposit amount can be refunded 
  • As of Saturday, November 28, 2023 – All sales are final. No refunds will be provided for any reason.