Getting Back on the Horse

Nothing great is ever achieved without failing at least once before making progress. The best ideas did not happen overnight, they took countless tries, failure and a little luck, but most of all they took determination and the drive to keep going and push further. You will most likely get knocked of the horse multiple times before you make it to the final goal. Learning Spanish has been this way for me, I have tried and stopped, took some years off, then jumped back on that horse and tried again. Repeatedly, but here I am again tying the saddle back on that horse so I can jump back on once again to see if I can trek further than I did before.

Spanish and I have a long relationship and we have worked through many hardships, but we still have not given up on each other. We have had times of joy, times of anger and times of hopelessness, but no matter how hard it gets, or how long we have drifted apart, we still seem to cross paths down every road. The last road I was walking down was about three years ago, I started back up taking classes at Rojas Spanish with Luis. We randomly found him searching for people that teach Spanish classes near the twin cities specifically near Saint Paul Minnesota. I had a meeting with him to discuss the classes he would teach and how he would teach them and it just felt right.

Over the next year and a half, I went to at least one class a week and I could feel myself getting more fluent. I was having to concentrate less to understand what people were saying and I could feel like I could have basic conversations once again. I was learning by Luis’s teaching methods, by teaching Spanish the way Latinos teach their children, through sound and rhythm. I was gaining my confidence and felt like I would be able to use my Spanish outside of the class room, but then I started my new job. I was recently in the midst of changing professions and was able to take up Spanish classes with Luis in the meantime. I started to work a lot and things were getting hectic so eventually I drifted away from Spanish once again.

Now here we are, over a year since my last Spanish class with Luis and I am just starting to get back into it, finally getting back on that horse once again. I still am working at the same job and I also started going back to school to finish my degrees, I am still busy, but Spanish has drifted back to me and I have started to dance with her once again. There is new re-energized excitement about where we will head this time and I cannot wait to see where we go. I have learned to balance my time a little better and feel much more prepared this time around. It is a life long struggle and there will be ups and downs, but the biggest advice I can give is to know that you will fall off, it will be hard, but keep the determination and force yourself to get back on that horse.


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