[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hola amigos de Rojas Spanish.

I always say in class,

Learning a language is not just about memorization, rules (grammar), or repetitive fill-in-the-blank sort of exercises.

Learning a language is an adventure, is a creative process, is about taking risks and it’s about learning about the culture. Last but not least, learning a language is another way to get to know another side of ourselves, patience, tolerance to fail, fear, etc. Let’s start with this thought:

Everyone can learn to speak a language. Everyone can learn to speak Spanish.

The video presented in this posts is proposing strategies, actions and important thoughts to reflect upon that are useful for anyone learning Spanish.

Finally, here are the important points presented in this conference for your convenience.

Happy learning.

How can adults learn a NEW LANGUAGE quickly, easily, effectively?

How you can speed up learning / 5 Principles

  1. Focus on language content that is relevant to you
  2. Use the language to communicate (as a tool to communicate)
  3. When you first understand the message you will unconsciously acquire the language
  4. Language learning is not about knowledge, it’s about psychological training
  5. Psychological state matters. You must learn to tolerate ambiguity


What to do / 7 Actions

  1. Listen a lot
  2. Focus on getting the meaning first
  3. Start mixing (It doesn’t need to be perfect, it just has to work)
  4. Focus on the core. Language is a creative process
  5. Get a language parent
  6. Copy the face
  7. Direct connect