In-Person Spanish Lessons

Learn Spanish and make new friends!

Twin Cities Spanish Classes

So you want to learn Spanish with a native Spanish speaker. You want to meet local Spanish language enthusiasts and perhaps even make new Spanish language speaking friends. You love the idea getting together for a group class, but hate the idea of a sterile classroom setting. Join Rojas Spanish Language in-person Spanish lessons for the relaxing environment and to meet your new Spanish language learning community. Be prepared for fun!

  • Seven (7) students or fewer per class so that you have the opportunity to comfortably speak Spanish and ask questions 
  • Multiple Class times available
  • If you live in or surrounding the Twin Cities of St. Paul/Minneapolis our classes are near you
  • Make up classes available both in-person and online
  • Focus on speaking, communication, pronunciation first, and then grammar, just like you learned your native language 


You have no previous Spanish experience and would like to start at the beginning with basic vocabulary, expressions and simple verb conjugation. Or, you have some Spanish experience, and want a review of the basics.

Available Class Times


You can understand and use basic expressions and simple phrases. You are comfortable asking and answering basic questions and communicating in a very simple way.

Available Class Times


This level is for learners who can understand and communicate using everyday expressions. You can introduce yourself, and others, and can ask and answer questions about personal details; such as, where you live, people you know and things you have. You can hold a very basic conversation, provided the other person speaks slowly and is prepared to help. 

Available Class Times


You can understand a wide range of demanding texts and identify the meaning in each. You express yourself fluently and spontaneously, without needing to search for words in a conversation. Your dialogue is flexible and effective in social, academic and professional settings. You can articulate well-structured and detailed thoughts concerning complex subjects

Available Class Times

Starting Dates:

June 19
July 17
August 14
September 11
October 9
November 6
December 4

January 2
January 29
February 26
March 25
April 22
May 20
June 17
July 15
August 12
September 9
October 7
November 4
December 2

*Every session is a 16 hr. module for 8 weeks.

In-person classes meets once per week for 2 hours


16 Hours

  • In-Person Spanish Lessons
  • 8 Week Session

**Starting session August 14, 2023 cost will be $429 (inflation) for all new students.

Group Class: Registration for $359 is available until July 31st by requesting an invoice from Josephine

Come learn Spanish with us!

The student is the star of our program, not grammar. Communication is first; let’s speak Spanish, then (later) we learn grammar so we can speak it properly.

All tutors are native Spanish speakers!

We can help you choose the perfect class