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Twin Cities Spanish Classes

Welcome to Rojas Spanish Language, where our in-person classes offer a relaxed atmosphere and a vibrant language-learning community. Get ready to learn in a whole new way!

With class sizes capped at eight students or fewer, you’ll enjoy plenty of opportunities to converse comfortably in Spanish and seek clarification whenever needed. We offer multiple class times to accommodate your schedule, serving all of the Twin Cities. Additionally, we provide makeup classes both in-person and online for your convenience. Below you will see our current class offerings and registration. 

  • St. Paul location: St Anne’s Episcopal Church, 2035 Charlton Rd. Sunfish Lake, MN 55118
  • Minneapolis location: St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral, 519 Oak Grove St, Minneapolis, MN 55403 

We are renting space from these local churches. Rojas Spanish is an independent entity and not affiliated with any religious organization.


You have no previous Spanish experience and would like to start at the beginning with basic vocabulary, expressions and simple verb conjugation. Or, you have some Spanish experience, and want a review of the basics.

St. Paul



You can understand and use basic expressions and simple phrases. You are comfortable asking and answering basic questions and communicating in a very simple way.

St. Paul



This level is for learners who can understand and communicate using everyday expressions. You can introduce yourself, and others, and can ask and answer questions about personal details; such as, where you live, people you know and things you have. You can hold a very basic conversation, provided the other person speaks slowly and is prepared to help. 

St. Paul



You can clearly understand the main points of a conversation when discussing matters related to your daily life, work, school, leisure, etc. You are comfortable communicating with locals when traveling to an area where Spanish is spoken. You can communicate in complete, connected, sentences and phrases. You can engage in conversation about your experiences, events, dreams, hopes and ambitions; as well as, offer basic reasons and explanations as to your opinions or future plans.



You can understand a wide range of demanding texts and identify the meaning in each. You express yourself fluently and spontaneously, without needing to search for words in a conversation. Your dialogue is flexible and effective in social, academic and professional settings. You can articulate well-structured and detailed thoughts concerning complex subjects

St. Paul

Program Fee

$429/8 weeks
  • In-Person Classes
  • Native Speaking Tutors
  • Community Learning

In-person classes run for 8 weeks, meeting once a week for 2 hours. Below are start dates for our Spring and Summer 2024 sessions.

  • March 25
  • April 22
  • May 20
  • June 17
  • July 15

Discover Spanish with us!

In our program, the spotlight shines on the student, not on grammar. Communication takes precedence; we prioritize speaking Spanish first, and later, we delve into grammar to ensure proper expression. Join us in embracing the beautiful Spanish language!

All tutors are native Spanish speakers!

We will help you choose the perfect class!