Individual Spanish Tutoring

Customized Spanish learning for fast results

Learn Spanish, your way!

Flexible Scheduling​

We are all so busy these days. Tutoring is perfect because we work with your schedule! Let us know when you are available and we will accommodate you.


Personalized Lessons​

Tutoring is a very intense program, allowing you to study with a native speaker in a program entirely custom-designed to meet your learning style.

Fast and Effective​

We will work together to assess your specific needs and set personal goals. You will see results fast and your confidence will sky rocket!

Individual Spanish classes more your vibe? You need flexible scheduling? You learn better or more comfortably when it’s just you and a Spanish tutor? Then Rojas Spanish Language individual tutoring is for you. All classes are scheduled according to your availability with more flexibility to vary the class time.

All tutors are native Spanish speakers!

Classes Based on Your Schedule!

The time and frequency are customized according to your needs and availability with our tutors.

Tutoring Packages

Tutoring classes are available virtually, in-person or a mix of the two (hybrid).
Classes are 60 minutes each. We recommend two classes per week and students can customize their schedule. 

20 Hours

  • Customized Schedule
  • Virtual or In-Person

30 Hours

  • 5 Group Classes
  • Customized Scheudle
  • Virtual or In-Person

40 Hours

  • 10 Group Classes
  • Customized Schedule
  • Virtual or In-Person

50 Hours

  • Unlimited Group Classes
  • Customized Scheudle
  • Virtual or In-Person

Need more options?

We also have virtual Spanish classes available. Your native Spanish language tutor will work with you in-person or on-line or in a combination of both.

Or, you can join a group class! You have options.