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Flexible Scheduling​

We are all so busy these days. Tutoring is perfect because we work with your schedule! Let us know when you are available and we will accommodate you.

Personalized Lessons​

Tutoring is a very intense program, allowing you to study with a native speaker in a program entirely custom-designed to meet your learning style.

Fast and Effective​

We will work together to assess your specific needs and set personal goals. You will see results fast and your confidence will sky rocket!

Tutoring Packages

Tutoring classes are 60 minutes each. We recommend two classes per week, although students can customize their schedule. All classes are virtual, via Zoom video call. All class hours must be used within the indicated number of weeks. 

10 weeks

20 Hours

$ 1300
  • One Workshop
  • 5 Group Classes
  • Flexible Scheduling

15 weeks

30 Hours

$ 1800
  • One Workshop
  • 10 Group Classes
  • Flexible Scheduling

20 weeks

40 Hours

$ 2200
  • Unlimited Workshops
  • Unlimited Group Classes
  • Flexible Scheduling

25 weeks

50 Hours

$ 2500
  • Unlimited Workshops
  • Unlimited Group Classes
  • Flexible Scheduling

Don’t see what you need? We will customize a tutoring package just for you! Contact us and let us know what you need. 

We can help you choose the perfect class

Spanish Workshops for all levels

We know Spanish can sound really fast at times! But, Spanish is is not about speed. It is about rhythm! Within the context of rhythm, the right pronunciation of the vowels and the proper construction of syllabi is what makes the difference. If you can say it, you can hear it. Luis will help you to say it and hear it like a Hispanic.

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