Have you ever invested in anything; Stocks, bonds, a house? What about yourself? More specifically, your brain. It would be a fairly easy argument to say, your brain is the most important thing to invest in. – This brings me to my next question; when is the last time you exercised your brain? Really challenged your brain in new ways, outside of your day to day routine. Tell me the last time you stretched your muscles, pumped your blood and felt exhausted at the end. If you were able to think of something – good for you (but keep reading)! If not, don’t worry, we can change that.

Learning a second language accomplishes both of the things mentioned above. It will exercise your brain and it is an investment in yourself (your brain included). There are countless articles, studies and books discussing the immense benefits we get from learning a second language. And you don’t need to take my word for it as I have conveniently listed several of them below, for your continued learning.

I’m not here to sugar coat anything. I like facts, solid and true. Whish is why I am not going to lie to you. Learning a new language takes time and more importantly, a lot of effort. I have yet to meet anyone who learned a new language without putting a considerable amount of effort into it. Even children who are raised bilingual have to put forth effort, while their efforts are more subconscious – if you ask their brain, it will tell you a lot of work went into mastering the dual languages.

Okay, so now we have established learning Spanish is good for your brain and the practice will require you to set aside time specifically for the task, let’s talk about what learning a new language could do to your lifestyle.

Have you ever wanted to travel to Spain, Argentina, visit Machu Picchu or see the Galapagos Islands? Or perhaps you have already been to these places. Either way, I can assure you the experience you will have in any of these countries, and many others, will be drastically better if you are able to converse with the local communities in their own language!

There is something very powerful about conversing with another human being in the same language. Specifically, when one of those people is not expecting the other to be so well rounded and open minded. Natives have a different level of respect for those who take the time to speak their language. It is an instant connection – one that will allow you to experience the culture in a whole different way.

Maybe you don’t want to travel, you enjoy the comfort of your own home. Well, guess what, you too will benefit immensely from learning Spanish. Aside from the wealth of health benefits you will receive you will gain access to movies, books, poems, music, food, and so much more, you could not otherwise access with out Spanish language knowledge

For example, the book “Don Quixote” written by Miguel de Cervantes Saaverda was recently voted the best book of all time! You’ll never guess what language it was originally written in – okay, maybe you can. Spanish! Sure, you can find the book translated into English and many other languages, but it’s not the same. You have to experience the book in the same way Miguel wrote it. The same goes for music, food and any other aspect of the Spanish speaking culture – you need to understand the people, the language, in order to really appreciate the culture. Learning the Spanish language will do just that. Open your eyes to seeing the world from a different perspective.

Are you ready? Let’s bring this all full circle now. We’re talking about investing in ourselves. Specifically, you investing in you! Learning Spanish is an investment that will benefit your persona and social life through widening your cultural scope. Furthermore, there are the health benefits – amazing health benefits. Lastly, learning a new language is fun. And if we’re all being honest with ourselves here, we know we could use a little more fun in our lives.

It’s time now, time for you to step into the amazingly colorful, delicious, friendly and sometimes very loud, Spanish culture. It is such an amazing community to be a part of and we want you to join. Lucky for you, it is super easy to take that first step, you’re practically at the front door, hand raised, ready to knock. You are just a click away from the best investment you will ever make! – Register Today

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