From Minnesota to Argentina

A world of passion for tango, wine, soccer and steak!

Argentina is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Latin America, thanks to the many activities, the beautiful nature, a rich history and endless entertainment.

For these reason, and so many more, Rojas Spanish invites you to accompany us on a tour through the beautiful streets of Buenos Aires and Mendoza – Argentina!

Stroll the beautiful streets of the Buenos Aires and meet the locals! You will have endless opportunities to practice your Spanish skills as we tour the Recoleta Cemetery, Puerto Madero, San Telmo, Plaza de Mayo, Avenida 9 de Julio, Corrientes Street, and more.

You certainly won’t want to miss La Peña del Colorado, the music and typical dances of Argentina, a highlight for any visitor, and local alike.

This is only the beginning of our travels! We will visit the “Estancia”, an Argentine cattle farm located on the outskirts of Greater Buenos Aires. Here, you will experience one of the most amazing and highest quality steaks in the world.

Of course, a good meat must be accompanied by an exquisite wine! Which is why, we will head to Mendoza, the heart of Argentina’s wine country. Here we will enjoy three days of luxury and tranquility in the vineyards of the Zuccardi Family. We will also spend time hiking the stunning Andes Mountains – the highest mountains in Latin America and the longest mountain range of the world, linking at least seven countries.

Luis Rojas and the Rojas Family have worked hard to ensure you experience the best of what Argentina has to offer. This truly is the trip of a lifetime where you will experience Latin culture as a local.

The Rojas Spanish adventure begins on November 5 through November 10, 2019.

Costs, additional information and registration in link below.

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