Learn Spanish in the way

we Hispanics learn our language

Group Class In West Saint Paul

All our students come from all over the Twin Cities

All levels from Beginners to Advanced

Next Session 2017:
Start: July 10th

The experience of learning in small groups within a family atmosphere provides the right setting for learning.

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Two fantastic workshops Starting August

Strategies for Listening

Frustrated because you cannot understand Spanish at the pace that Hispanics speak; always asking them to slow down? Then this is for you, it’s all about phonetics.

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Verb Conjugation

If you are a Spanish student, at any level, you know the challenges of learning how to conjugate Spanish verbs. Learn how to conjugate without memorizing endings but rather by following the sound patterns.

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One-on-One Tutoring

Minnesota - Wisconsin - Pennsylvania - California - República Dominicana - España - Uruguay - China

Start at anytime live or via Skype

All our students come from these areas. The experience of learning in a dedicated setting gives the opportunity to target specific goals, clarify concepts and gives the foundation for further studies.

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Our Online Material

This material is currently available to our registered students. Soon will be made public.

Day by Day

Practice should be oriented to internalize the language. Not just memorize vocabulary and structures. Here you will have a reinforcement of what we learn in class

Sólo español...la vida diaria

Aquí es donde te enfrentas al verdadero mundo hispano con sus expresiones, acentos, idiosincracias y cultura en una seleccion de lo que es relevante entre hispanos.


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