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When you join any of our Spanish Language Groups or Tutoring Classes you’ve already broadened your horizon. You’ll meet and become connected with others who share with you at least one thing for sure: a passionate desire to learn and communicate in another language. Which is kinda of a big deal you know, as language opens the door to people and cultures and introduces you to perspectives you’d not otherwise have had access. Language does, does, does, expand and enrich your life.

If desire is your first step, commitment is your second. In fact, commitment is the foundation for everything to come.  It’ll be where you go for energy, for strength, for patience (with yourself) – it will sustain you through the invariable ups and downs of this magnificent endeavor. But that’s not to say that you’ll not have fun along the way.

I always tell my students; “There are no shortcuts to learning Spanish.  It requires the same thing any other goal you’ve taken on; practice, practice and more practice.”

And so practice we will, but not about silly stuff you’d loathe to say to a native speaker. We’ll learn to express ourselves authentically and on topics we find relevant.  And you know what happens when you emotionally engage? You get invested, you see the possibilities, you learn faster and you hunger for more!

And the satisfaction you’ll feel as you become able to communicate that something YOU want to express; well it’s like getting to be who you are – only expanded. What’s better than that?

The focus at Rojas Spanish Language then, is to attain the ability to communicate with a significant portion of this beautiful planet we share. And although grammar is what holds a sentence together and gives us the ability to be precise, it will not be the boss of class – what you want to say, will be!

If you’ve learned English and can speak it fluently – you’ve got the ability to learn another language. It doesn’t take a certain age, or IQ, or talent – it takes desire and commitment. And if you don’t take yourself too seriously and like to have fun while you’re ‘working out’, you’ve come to the right place; I welcome you to Rojas Spanish Language.

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