Team Coaching

The only way to gain real-world experience speaking Spanish, is to converse with native Spanish speakers.

We provide you this opportunity through “team coaching”. Throughout your session, you will be joined by a second teacher from Latin America or Spain via webcam. This teacher provides practice to students as you engage in a real-world conversation. Through these dialogues, you are exposed to different dialects and accents, new vocabulary and expressions. You have the opportunity to ask questions and gain new perspectives about the language, culture and world views.

Your primary instructor will be at your side the entire time. Guiding and encouraging the conversation – strengthening your self-confidence!

It's time to use Spanish

Rojas Spanish is a dynamic and innovative program. We are always seeking out new opportunities for you to gain experience, exposure and practice. You are our top priority!

To understand the language, you need to understand the culture. Our program is much more than language learning. You gain real-world experience. A true submersion into Spanish culture – right here in Minnesota.

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