Rojas Travels to Peru & Argentina, 2024

Experience life in Latin-America, like a local!

Travel like a local with Rojas Spanish

We invite you to experience Latin America like a local! Join our friends and families in Peru and Argentina this winter. On this trip you will be delightfully surprised, intellectually stimulated and personally expanded as you learn another way to see, experience and do – la vida latina!

In addition to making new friends and memories, studies have shown international travel has many benefits! For example, stress reduction, increased happiness, immune system boosts, improved creativity, lowered risk of depression and the biggie – travel helps you live longer! 

Consider joining us for a most enjoyable, inspirational, fulfilling, perspective-expanding trip of a lifetime with Rojas Travels. Dates, itineraries and registration are in the links below. 

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In Argentina we will orient you to its history, food, politics, food, passions, food, wine, food – and of course one must not forget the food. You’ll get a good dose of the city and learn how to thrive in this exciting metropolis. We’ll introduce you to the ranching life, so important to one of Argentina’s claims to fame; BBQ. And a trip to Argentina would not be complete without a visit to wine country, its quaint small town life, and the great adventures to be had in the mountains. Barbaro!



Peruvians are very different from Argentineans – each would boast over the other. Here you will experience the modern and the ancient as we toggle between the city of Lima, that has New York traffic looking like – yep, you guessed it – ‘a walk in the park’. it’s vibrant and frenetic and rich with activity, and so, so friendly. And there’s also the famed Cusco, Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu where you’ll find yourself mute with the wonder of it. By the time you hit the beach resort – you’ll have earned it.