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Group Classes

Group classes are kept small so everyone gets individual attention and guidance.  You will work with others who are at your skill level. Group classes allow for more natural conversation and a truly fun learning environment.

Cada Grupo


Especial y Diferente

While each class is unique and different, Luis works to identify the one commonality everyone shares in his class in order to unify the students and optimize the learning experience.


We know you need to be comfortable in order to learn, which is why when you take a class with Rojas Spanish you will feel so comfortable you’ll forget you’re not in your own home. This is because all classes are taught in our living room! You will dive into Spanish phonetics while sipping a hot cup of tea and relaxing on an overstuffed sofa. You’ve never learned Spanish like this before.

Online support

If you are out of town during your class, you can still attend online via Skype. Never miss a beat!

As a Rojas Spanish student you have access to the online community where you can connect with other Spanish enthusiasts. Choose from forums, blogs, podcasts or personal messaging to engage with other students and further develop your skills.

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