Why tutoring?

Because it helps the student to concentrate in specific aspects of the language. Good for beginners who need special dedication and customized practice before continuing with a group class. Good for those who want to be ready for that trip that is coming up soon or for that test you want to be well prepared for.

Directo al grano

"Directo al grano", es una expresion en español que indica resolver el problema directamente desde su origen. Esto es lo hacemos en la practica individualizada. Practicamos lo que más necesitas con especial dedicación.

Specific Goals

We will target the topic most important and relevant to you. This could be; practice with your speaking abilities, preparation for a Spanish test, learning medical terminology and conversation, preparation for OPI test, etc.


Learning Spanish is not just about learning grammar and completing fill-in-the-blanks exercises. It also involves a great deal of confidence! We work hard to provide the confidence you need and desire.

Friendly Environment

When learning a new language the atmosphere around you is very important. We tutor in a comfortable home environment to ensure our students have the most comfortable conditions any Hispanic family could offer.

How do we start?

Tell me, what are you looking for...I am listening.

No matter what your level is

Tutoring at Rojas Spanish provides the reinforcement you need at any level. In many cases, the combination of group class and individual tutoring is strongly recommended for additional skill building.
Among many other benefits, our tutoring program will provide:
To the Basic level: We will prepare you to start your new journey in the Spanish language. Each class will be full of new sounds that will slowly begin to make more sense as your skills grow.
To the Intermediate level: You will gain perspective on where and how we Hispanics learn our own language, the culture insights, conjugations by sound and much more.
To the advanced level: O mejor dicho, para el nivel avanzado, énfasis en un léxico tanto profesional como coloquial con énfasis en la fonética y producción oral.
This is just the framework for tutoring. We will work together to assess your specific needs and set the goals and strategies that will best help you learn. We start with whatever skill level the student brings to their first class and sculpt his/her unique Spanish program.

You can start Tutoring at anytime

We are all so busy these days. However, what is so great about this program is we can work with your schedule! Let us know when you are available and we will accommodate you.
Tutoring is a very intense plan that allows you to study with a native speaker in a program entirely custom-designed to meet your specific needs.

Not in Minnesota?

Join any of our classes through videoconference – Skype!
Now days, distance does not have to be an impediment to taking a class in another part of the city, or country or world even! We have students joining us from everywhere in the United States and countries all across the glob. While we aren’t able to pour them a fresh cup of coffee; they do enjoy every other aspect of our classes, just as if they were sitting right next to us.

Tutoring and cost

We work together to assess your needs and set the goals and strategies that will best help you learn.

This very intense plan allows you to study with a native speaker in a program that is custom-designed to meet your specific needs. Each class is 1.5 – 2 hours.

Tutoring packages:

20 hours package - $ 1300.00 for 20 hours package

30 hours package - $ 1950.00 for 30 hours package

40 hours package - $ 2600.00 for 40 hours package

60 hours package - $ 3900.00 for 60 hours package

Corporations and organizations

Contact: spanish(at)rojasspanish.com



Full-tuition refunds are given to students who notify us of cancellation within at least 48 hours before the start of the first class.

Once a course starts, tuition fees are refundable before the second class. If the student attends 1 class (2 hours) refund will be $ 1,170. If the student attends 2 classes (4 hours) refund will be $ 1,040.

There will be no refund after the second class.

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