A standalone courses to improve your Spanish.

Phonetic Class (Fonética)

16 hr Module – Monday 7.30 pm – 9.30 pm – $ 349.00

Start February 20th

For additional information call Luis 651.434.0555

Do you think Hispanics speak Spanish too fast? Do you wish they would slow down so you can recognize every word they say?

Well, they don’t speak fast and they will not slow down!

Like in English, (which is fast J ) it is not about speed, but rhythm. Within the context of rhythm, the right pronunciation of the vowels and the proper construction of syllabi is what makes the difference.  If you can say it, you can hear it. Luis will help you to say it and hear it like a Hispanic.


Conjugation Class (Conjugaciones)

16 hr Module – Thursday 7.30 pm – 9.30 pm – $ 349.00

Start February 23rd

For additional information call Luis 651.434.0555

If you are a Spanish student, at any level, you know the challenges of learning how to conjugate Spanish verbs. At Rojas Spanish you will not receive a long list of verbs to memorize. Instead, Luis will guide you to learn the patterns in the sounds of the Spanish language, internalizing the meaning of the verbs in their context and naturally find the right sound and conjugation for every tense.

This class is fantastic in supporting all students enrolled in a Spanish classes; high school and College level, travelers, business professionals and those learning for fun.



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