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Learning Spanish in the way Hispanic children learn their own language.
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Receive customized sessions formatted to meet your unique goals and learning style.

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Luis is your Spanish sculptor and guide. “Give me your Spanish, let me shape it”, he tells his students. “ I want to encourages confidence, there are no mistakes in language, just say it”. Luis teaches his students to jump in with both feet, eliminating fear and doubt. He has a unique gift in the way he puts everyone at ease around him, creating the perfect learning environment.



You don’t live in Minnesota? You travel a lot for work? Not a problem! Luis will meet you wherever you are.


Accelerate your learning with individual, personalized classes – focusing on the areas where you need the most guidance.


Learning a language will bring your family closer in ways you never thought possible – imagine the places you could go!


We all know we need to exercise our body, but few remember to exercise the brain. Learning a new language will be the most fun workout you’ve ever had!



You can speak Spanish

Luis takes a very different approach to teaching the Spanish language. He will teach you to let go of your insecurities and doubts surrounding the language. Instead you will learn to say what feels and sounds right. His method does not involve memorizing flash cards or repeatedly writing out conjugations. Rather, the Rojas method teaches you to feel the rhythm of the language, allowing you to speak quicker. You will learn to understand the Spanish language in the same way natives understand it – rather, you will feel the language as the natives do.

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