Summer Spanish for High School Students

Are you having a hard time with Spanish at school? Have you ever felt that learning languages is a ton of grammar and vocabulary impossible to pull together? Well, it is not! We can help you learn in a fun and easy way. Through our communicative approach, you will learn how to think the way we think and speak Spanish. Become competent in Spanish by having a natural language learning experience through conversation with native tutors! We offer you a three month program during which you will learn the basics to communicate the way we do and be better prepared for school.

What you wil have

  • learn to conjugate verbs
  • learn how to use direct and indirect object pronouns
  • understand reflexive verbs
  • expand vocabulary
  • work with materials that you use at school

What it is not

A boring class like what you have at your school!!!!!!!!

How do you start?

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